Gift Giving Traits and Gift Ideas for Each Sign of the Zodiac

Aries – Are impulsive, fun loving and very confident. I would suggest taking them to
SkyVenture for indoor Skydiving (it’s located between Tucson & Phoenix) or maybe a
gift card to go on an extravagant shopping spree.

Taurus – Very grounded, stubborn and practical. They would enjoy a nick nack of
their favorite collectable, a comfy t-shirt or even a stock or bond to save for the future.

Gemini – Are very talkative and need constant mental stimulation or else they will
lose interest. Buy them a new cell phone, a puzzle or a book on telepathy.

Cancer – Sentimental and remember things for years to come. Give a gift from the
heart such as a photo of the two of you in a frame or even put together a scrap book
of pictures from past memories you’ve shared together.

Leo – Loves to be the center of attention. They expect to be treated like royalty. Fine
jewelry or name brand clothing or accessories would be perfect for a Leo.

Virgo – Are perfectionists and detail orientated. A self help book or a daily planner
would be best for them.

Libra – Are socialites and love to be in harmony. They really do love anything you
give them and appreciate the thought. A great gift idea for them would be concert
tickets or an evening out with close friends.

Scorpio – Are very seductive, mysterious and charming. They would love a mystery
novel or spy kit and even a dinner for two in a romantic setting.

Sagittarius – Have a childlike nature and are always on the go. I would suggest
buying them a gift certificate at Bondurant Racing School or tickets to their favorite
sporting event.

Capricorn – Tend to be very ambitious with climbing the corporate ladder. I would
suggest buying them a new business suit or a laptop.

Aquarius – Are very analytical and tend to have an eccentric way of looking at life
and those around them. A great gift for them would be a dictionary, a new gadget or
even a telescope

Pisces – Are the dreamers of the zodiac. Any gift that is romantic will win them over.
A weekend at the spa or candlelit dinner for two would be my suggestion.

Last Minute Gifts for Anyone Regardless of their Zodiac Sign

Subscription to Zodi Habit Magazine!
Buy a star in their name
Do their Numerology Report
Dinner for two
A Brand new water called “Aquamantra” which is sold in Albertsons and has cute
sayings on them – “I am Healthy” / “I am Loved” / and “I am Lucky” to assist in
manifesting what you want in life.
The Astrology Store in Glendale has numerous Zodiac Gifts to choose from and are
open Christmas Eve.
And of coarse there’s always the gift card to their favorite store.
As Seen On:
0 - 19 YEARS OLD
Gift giving by the 4 elements for Boys & Girls 0 to 19 yrs of Age

There are 4 elements in Astrology: Earth, Fire, Air and Water.
The 12 signs of the Zodiac each have a specific element they fall within:

EARTH – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
FIRE – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
AIR – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
WATER – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

EARTH – Those born with an earth element tend to be more grounded
FIRE – Those born with a fire element tend to be high spirited
AIR – Those born with an air element tend to be deep thinkers
WATER – Those born with a water element tend to be more emotional

Gifts for Girls 16 to 19
Digital Camera – Water Sign
Apple iPhone – Earth Sign
Laptop p Air Sign
Camcorder – Fire Sign

fts for Girls 13 to 15
Bratz Life Virtual Reality Game System – Air Sign
Designer’s World Runway Success Plug ‘n Play – Fire Sign
Ping Pong Table – Earth Sign
Radica Girl Tech Video Journal – Water Sign

Gift for girls 9 to 12
Razor Electric Scooter – Air Sign
Ripstk Castor Board, Pink – Earth Sign
Disney Princess Mix Max Flowers Dig. Music Player – Fire Sign
iDog Dalmation – Water Sign

Gifts for Girls 5 to 8
Bratz Dolls – Leo Sign
Barbies – Air Sign
Vtech Nitro Notebook, Pink – Earth Sign
Step 2 Easel For Two – Water Sign  

Gifts for Girls 2 to 4
Disney Princes Magic Talking Throne – Fire Sign
Barbies – Air Sign
FurReal Friends Puppie or Kitty Cat – Water Sign
Step 2 Life Style Custom Kitchen – Earth Sign

Gifts for Boys & Girls 1 to 2
Fisher Price Shapes and Numbers Cookie Jar – Earth Sign
Fisher Pice Sing Along Stage – Fire Sign
Fisher Price Dora The Explorer Lil’ Quad Ride-On – Air Sign
Step 2 Write Desk – Water Sign

Gifts For Boys 16 to 19
Digital Camera – Water Sign
Apple iPhone – Earth Sign
Laptop - Air Sign
Camcorder – Fire Sign

Gifts for Boys 13 to 15
Fly Fusion Pentop Computer – Water Sign
Trampoline – Air Sign
LEGO Mindstorms NXT – Earth Sign
Air Hockey Table – Fire Sign

Gifts for Boys 9 to 12
Sharper Image Indoor Helicoptor – Earth Sign
Transformers – Fire Sign
Magnetix – Water Sign
EyeClops Bionic Eye – Air Sign

Gifts for Boys 5 to 8
First Act Discovery 30” Acoustic Guitar/Drum Set – Water Sign
Leapfrog Leapster Learning System – Earth Sign
16’ Boys Green Machine H20 Tri Wheel Vehicle – Air Sign
Fisher Price Digital Camera 1.3 megapixel – Fire Sign

Gifts for Boys 2 to 4
Fisher Price Elmos Learning Fun Laptop – Air Sign
Fisher Price Smart Cycle Learning Game System – Fire Sign
Fisher Price Light Sketcher – Water Sign
Fisher Price Geotrax Smokey and R/C Fire Engine – Earth Sign

Gifts for Boys & Girls 1 to 2
Fisher Price Go Diego Go Lil’ Quad Ride-On – Air Sign
Evenflo Exersaucer 3-in-1 Activity Center – Earth Sign
V-Tech Baby’s Learning Laptop – Water Sign
Disney Winnie the Pooh Teach ‘n Lights Phone – Leo Sign
Baby Einstein – Air Sign
Fisher Price Raiforest Juperoo – Water Sign
Erste Steine Baby Blocks by Haba – Earth Sign
Leapfrog Learn ‘n Groove Musical Table – Fire Sign
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