Our Contributors
A Habit you don't want to quit...why would you?
* The guilt free, pleasurable habit everyone has. *
Who said all habits are bad? Not anymore!
Joan Bastady is the Founder and Publisher of Zodi Habit Magazine. Her entire life she
visioned a magazine that spoke to the reader on what they wanted to know most about
- Themselves! A magazine with lighthearted astrology and mystic phenomena that
questioned why we are here. Finally creating a magazine that's All about YOU! She is
assured Zodi Habit Magazine will inspire everyone! Joan is a Pisces.

Fashion Director / Fashion Designer
Pol’ Atteu
For over ten years, his world famous boutique has been located in the heart
of the Golden Triangle, in Beverly Hills. Pol’ Atteu has an extensive client list, which
include many socialites, First ladies and celebrities. Pol’ Atteu was also the friend and
personal designer for the late Anna Nicole Smith. His creations are designed for
women who understand and appreciate beauty, which has catapulted him as a
dynamic force in the fashion world. He is known throughout Beverly Hills, New York,
and Europe for his unique vision of design, style and fit. Pol is a Capricorn.

Recipes / Writer / Dietary Counselor
(RIP...Michelle recently passed on June 15, 2012 and will be dearly missed by all)
Michelle Barnes
As a mother of six in my 50's, I am a self-taught cook who learned out
of necessity to cook quick and nutritious meals. Over the years I put on a lot of weight
and developed medical problems. My doctor advised me to go on a diet for my health. I
discovered that most diets do not have much taste, so I decided to create my own
recipes to add flavor and more variety. As a result, my health improved and after losing
over 100 pounds, it turned out to be a life change. Michelle is a Gemini.

Editor in Chief / Book Reviews / Writer
Renee Bastady
Born and raised on Long Island, I now reside in upstate, NY. I have a
background in editing, accounting and criminal justice. I have a passion for reading
and writing.  Renee is Capricorn.

Mystical Writer
Lexie Bling
is a lioness Leo. She sees the world through a different level and is in
tuned with the mystical natures in our world. She has dabbled in astrology, psychic
communication, telepathy and genuinely enjoys analyzing the mysteries around her.
Lexie is a Leo.

Astrologer / Writer
Dave Campbell
is an astrologer, psychic-medium, and author. Dave owns The
Astrology Store in downtown Glendale, Arizona. He wrote the book “Forensic Astrology:
Solving Crime with Astrology”, and is a member of the Find Me group of psychics
dedicated to helping find missing people.  Dave is a Leo.

Dream On! / Dream Interpretator / Writer
Carol L. Cummings
was born with the gift of empathy and the comprehension of
symbolism. She has used these gifts in interpreting dreams as well as astrology
charts since 1989. Carol has appeared on numerous radio stations since 1993, doing
live dream interpretation for call-in listeners. She facilitates on-going weekly and bi-
monthly dream study groups and travels nationally doing workshops and lectures on
dreams. Carol is an Aries.

Feng Shui / Writer
Serafina Krupp
is a highly recognized professional in the personal growth community
and provides valuable steps on one’s life journey through…Angelic Synergy Healing,
Private Consultations, Personal Coaching, De-cluttering, Feng Shui, Interior Design,
and Workshops and Training.

Zoditastrophy / Writer
Styla Jones
has been a critic for years. People come to her for advice on a daily basis.
She is highly in tuned with the Zodiac Sun Signs and can pick you out in a crowd. Each
month she plans to wow you with her insight to the astrological nature and
characteristics of every human among us. Styla is a Scorpio.

Zodi Scopes / Astrologer / Writer
Matthew Lauten
is a professional astrologer living in Tucson, AZ. He was awarded a
Diploma in Astrology by The Astrological Guild of Educators International after years of
formal study and the passing of rigorous examinations. He has written and has had
published many astrology articles and works for a professional astrology internet
service. He is an active member of several professional astrological associations. Matt
is a Leo.

Year in Review / Astrologer / Writer
Douglas Noblehorse
is a professional astrologer who has provided written
interpretations to clients for over 25 years. Having been introduced to astrology in 1967,
he has pursued his lifelong passion ever since. He studied under Eugene Moore in
the late Seventies, and after moving to Arizona in 1988 he joined the Arizona Society of
Astrologers and has published articles on their website. Doug is an Aries.

Photography Director / Photographer
Patrik Simpson
is an accomplished photographer with his work published in "Star
Magazine", "The National Enquirer", "Us Weekly", "In touch", "The Los Angeles Times",
and the cover of "People Magazine". He also has over sixteen years of knowledge and
experience in the modeling and acting industry, which has propelled him to being a
savvy leader in the competitive field of fashion and entertainment. Patrik is a Cancer.

Psychic / Writer
Tara Thaler
has been aware of her psychic abilities since she was 13. She loves
helping people in all aspects, by giving them spiritual and intuitive support and
guidance. She helps each person on an individual basis depending on their goals,
spiritual blocks and unique energy. Tara has a background in the healing arts,
hypnotherapy mystical and metaphysical topics. During a reading, she may use a
combination of her intuition, astrology, numerology, psychometry and spiritual
counseling. Tara is a Gemini.

Conscious Livining / Writer
Dr Lisa Giusiana
has been in the healing arts profession since 1994. She has
assisted others in healing their bodies and their lives through the following
techniques: Massage Therapy, Traditional Chinese Acupressure, Personal Training,
Holistic Health, Chiropractic, Traditional Naturopathic Medicine, Functional Medicine,
Clinical Nutrition, Homeopathy, and Energy Work. . . just to name a few. Currently, she
is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, expanding consciousness and
empowering others to improve their lives in proportions of magnitude.