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Zodi Habit Magazine is an entertainment lifestyle
publication with a unique flair.... Our columns are
based on your zodiac sign......your individuality.

Find out where to go and what to do based on your
zodiac sign. Want to know the hottest places to go,
what the hippest fashion trends are in relation to your
zodiac personality, what diets work best, what sports
team will win based on the astrological makeup, how
to invest when the planets are aligned right and when
to find that one true love? Well Zodi Habit Magazine
will answer your questions and so much more.

Topics on horoscopes, dreams, psychics, sports,
fashion, finance, relationships, health and fitness,
recipes, book reviews, band reviews, spa reviews,
child astrology, parenting, movies, celebrities, holistic
living,  law of attraction and
so much more!

Zodi Habit Magazine is here to give the universe a
new outlet to express themselves and to better
understand the ways of the world in which we live.
Why do we do what we do and why do we care?!
Read your copy today and find out! One of the most
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